Voting Security Laws And Racist Segregation Laws Are NOT The Same Thing

We hear the term “Jim Crow” a lot these days…from the likes of Joe Biden and even from one embattled Northwest County Commissioner.

America’s ugly “Jim Crow” era featured laws creating two classes of Americans…black and white.  The Supreme Court lost its collective mind and upheld Jim Crow for more than half a century before finally overturning it in the 50s.

In April, crazy Joe Biden called new voting laws in Georgia “Jim Crow” on steroids even though those laws DID NOT in any way create any double standard for voters.

Governor Kate Brown echoed the Segregationist from Delaware.

The mainstream media slobbered praise on Biden for his comments.

Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull didn’t get the same treatment.  He introduced an ordinance that forbids enforcement of Covid Vaccine rules which force businesses to segregate citizens into two different classes…vaccinated and not vaccinated.

Shull makes the argument that it’s just a new version of Jim Crow.

I know plenty of people lately who have objected to being forced to give up personal medical information…or be treated as second class citizens, who agree with Shull.

Shull’s fellow commissioners stripped him of some of his authority and rejected the idea of protecting citizens from a two class system.

In the meantime…Joe Biden gets big praise for making “Jim Crow” comparisons.

Mark Shull…not so very much.

If liberals didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.