Voters Choose The Status Quo

American voters largely chose “more of the same” Tuesday and it appears that’s what we’re gonna get…right between the eyes.

Yesterday, Biden took a bit of a victory lap

A reporter asked about the 75% of Americans who tell pollsters the country’s moving in the wrong direction.  

What will Joe change?


The latest inflation numbers show 7.7 percent.  

When Biden took office, it was 1.4%…about 80% lower.

But Joe wants Americans to adjust to a “new normal”…so the mainstream media tells us 7-7 is the good news. 

Average gas price, $3.80 a gallon…a buck forty higher than inauguration day.

Diesel for heating homes and driving cargo? America’s down to a 3 and a-half week supply…but it hasn’t gone lower so the new normal says that’s good news.

Biden still drains America’s emergency stockpile, but with oil now at 90 a barrel and predicting 100, Joe says he plans to refill the reserve.

Of course, this is the same Joe Biden who just yesterday talked about the Russians pulling troops out of Fallujah, Iraq.

Let’s go Brandon.  

For the rest of us, buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.