U.S. Government Shuts Down ITT

ITT Tech
ITT Technical Institute is Closing its Doors

by Lars Larson

American laws forbids monopolies, but our government seems to love them.

Consider education; it’s a monopoly all day long. K-12 education run almost exclusively by government tries to kill its competition like charters, online, and home school. And then there’s higher ed; most of that is run by government universities.

When an private sector alternative like ITT tech shows up, students find it delivers hard working Americans a quick way to get the training and get out on the job.

Two years ago, the government conspired to shut down ITT tech claiming it encourages students to take out loans they may never pay off.

This week, 40 thousand students got the word…their school had been shut down by the government.

Never mind the fact that students at government universities have run up more than 1.3 trillion in debt and 160 billion of THAT is in default. They say schools like ITT tech use misleading job placement as a come on. Ever been in a Starbucks and ordered a latte from a government university graduate?

And now the government schools refuse to honor the education credits earned at ITT…for instance telling nursing students they must nearly start over at a government university to get their certificate.

And you thought Standard Oil was a scary monopoly!



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