Trump Won the Debate

Presumptive GOP Nominee, Donald Trump

By Lars Larson

Donald Trump went into last night’s debate under the gun from both democrats and his own party. He came out as a winner, having rocked Hillary Clinton back on her heels.

I think Hillary thought she had the New York businessman on the ropes with last week’s video of Trump making disgusting remarks about groping women and trying to get them in bed. But Trump quickly apologized and around the country hundreds of millions of American men AND women likely thought, “I’ve heard worse, heck I’ve said worse.”

And then he began hammering his democrat opponent…on foreign policy, the disaster in the Middle East, taxes and her speeches to rich bankers where she admitted she tells one thing to them, and lies to the public.

And yes, Trump pointed out that for all his faults, they involve words…while Hillary’s husband actually molested women and Hillary defended him and defamed the women. Bill Clinton sat there, next to his daughter, with the kind of expression you have on your face when the woman you raped, Juanita Broderick, is sitting in the audience a dozen yards away as your wife is up on stage claiming to be a champion of women’s rights.

One of the moderators, Martha Radditz, got so wound up she literally began debating against Trump, while Hillary sat back and let the left wing media carry her load.

Anyone who thinks Trump will drop out after a win like last night is crazy.



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