What Does Donald Trump Think About The Biden Admin? Find Out Friday Feb 3rd On The Lars Larson Show

President Trump joins me on my talk show the day after tomorrow.  

I plan to talk to him about his run for President next year, that the polls say he’s likely to win.

And I’ll ask him about America’s new double-standard of justice which is on full display this morning at Joe Biden’s beach house in Delaware.

Six months ago the FBI raided President’s Trump’s home in Florida.  

And it was a raid…more than two dozen agents with machine guns and a federal court warrant.  

3 months later illegal classified documents were found in a closet at Joe Biden’s Chinese-Communist funded think-tank in DC.

Did the FBI get a warrant and bring armed agents to search Biden’s other homes?  

Are you kidding me?  Democrats enjoy a different brand of justice in America.

The Fibbies let Joe’s lawyers search and then took their word for what they found.

Four times classified documents were found in Biden hideaways.  

This morning’s so-called search comes 3 months after the first documents were found…after Biden’s lawyers have carefully searched and sterilized the crime scenes…now the FBI will make a big show of walking around like Inspector Clouseau…before they declare “Nothing to see here folks.  Move along”.

Double standards of Justice. 

I’ll definitely ask President Trump about that Friday on my talk show.