Trump Campaign Manager Charged with Simple Battery

Jupiter Florida police have released footage of an incident between Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, and former Breitbart report Michelle Fields.

Fields claims she was assaulted by Lewandowski. Breitbart news seemed hesitant to back her claims up, and Fields has since left the news organization.

Even with this new video, I still question the severity of the interaction. You can clearly see Lewandowski move past Fields, even putting a hand on her to move her out of the way, but I do not see an “assault.”

Police say there’s enough evidence to charge Lewandowksi with simple battery, which basically means any unwanted touching in the state of Florida. Don’t expect any real legal consequence out of this one.

Here’s why I see this as ridiculous.
1) as a reporter there are plenty of times when, in a media scrum with a candidate you get pushed, shoved, catch an elbow, trip or step on someone’s feet. I’ve been there and have done that. That may have happened inadvertently to Fields. ITS NOT A CRIME.
2) If you watch the video you see Trump, Lewandowski and Secret Service pass Fields. She does not stumble, does not appear even off balance, nor does she drop to the ground. NO CRIME.
3) Fields was wearing a jacket, making it hard to imagine being bruised through the material but perhaps she is bruise prone. If she was grabbed hard enough to inflict bruises, why does her facial expression not change. Try it on a friend. Grab someone unexpectedly, hard enough to hurt them. See if they keep their poker face.
4) The video shows Lewandowski with a hand near enough Fields’ upper arm to have grabbed it. Perhaps this happened. But the bruises were on her forearm. How did that happen?
5) Pay no attention to the history five years ago where Fields said she was beaten by NYPD during an Occupy Protest and got a lot of media attention. Also disregard her book due for release in June.

What do you think?




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