Today Starts The Celebration Of Something That Shouldn’t Matter

Today, we hear the final decisions of this term of America’s Supreme Court…and the Court welcomes a new Associate Justice: Ketanji Brown Jackson.

News stories today focus on her race and gender which is both sad and hypocritical.

Sad because it flies right in the face of race neutral judgements of Americans best expressed by Dr King: “a nation where (my four little children) will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Hypocritical because Joe Biden chose Justice Brown Jackson on exactly that standard.

And this Fall, one of the first cases before the Supreme Court involves a racially discriminatory college: Harvard University which openly discriminates against Asian American students and shuts them out.

Until her appointment Justice Brown Jackson sat on the board of overseers of Harvard.  She does not plan to recuse herself from hearing the case even though she has a clear conflict of interest.  Get the picture…different rules apply to her.

And since she’s being heralded as the first black woman on the court…can she tell you what a woman is?  Her answer “I can’t.  I’m not a biologist”.

And since unborn babies were the subject of the Court’s most controversial recent decision, one Senator asked her when human life begins.

Her answer, “I don’t know”.

The first Monday in October promises to start an interesting session of the court.