Today NW Government Pulls The Plug On Thousands Of Essential Employees Over The Jab

Maybe we should call it massacre Monday:  the day governments in Oregon and Washington slash their staffs over the vax mandate.

Thousands of the most essential professionals:  Doctors, nurses, cops, paramedics and firefighters, losing their jobs.

We are cutting medical workers in the midst of a pandemic?

Cutting cops and emergency medical in the middle of an increase in violent crime?

And why?  To force people to take the covid vaccination.

Governor’s Kate Brown and Jay Inslee want vaccinations in the 80% range or higher.

Look at what’s happening in one population which has MORE than hit the mark.

The Eugene Register Guard says University of Oregon had 17 cases in mid September.  The next week, 50% more.  The first week of school, the number nearly tripled to 46.  Last week, it jumped to 57.

That’s in a population of only 28-thousand students and staff.

If you’re thinking that’s lack of Vaxx…you’d be wrong.

The University of Oregon mandates vaccination for all.

96 percent of students took the jab; faculty and staff hit 95.

Even with virtually universal Vax on campus, it didn’t make much difference.

And this is why we’re firing people?