Today Is The Anniversary Of One of Biden’s Biggest Blunders

Last year, Joe Biden, Commander in Chief made a promise about Afghanistan: “We will not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. We’ll do it responsibly, deliberately, and safely.”

We can all see how that worked out. 

One year ago today, a suicide bomber at the Abbey Gate to Kabul international airport blew himself up and took the lives of 13 American service members.

It happened during the absolute chaos Biden created with his rush to exit.  

Then Joe told his Pentagon to drop a bomb on the terrorists responsible…but he only managed to kill a family of 10, including children.

Thousands of Americans were left behind with the terrorist Taliban .

The Taliban got high tech weapons worth billions, paid for with YOUR tax dollars. 

This week, one of the Marines wounded in the terrorist attack, told reporters they could have killed the bomber. “’We knew about him two days prior to the attack. We knew what he looked like. The CIA let us know; he looked exactly as they’d described him.

But the Marines were told they couldn’t touch the man.

So, he blew himself up and took Americans with him. 

The bombing left 24 year-old former Marine Tristan Hirsch of Chico, California with traumatic brain injury.

And what does our brave commander in chief have to say?

Joe Biden declares he has “no apologies” for the deadly result of his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan.