The World’s Faith In Joe Biden Has Run Out Of Gas

If you think Joe Biden’s fumbling response to the invasion of Ukraine won’t affect you directly, try pumping some gas.

Let me remind you of the history.

American oil production increased 50% during President Trump, from 8 million barrels a day to 12.

America was self-sufficient. We only needed to buy oil from other countries when it was convenient.

Joe Biden signed orders his first day in office to shut down as much American  oil production as he could…to keep his green friends happy.

Russia is now a major supplier of oil to the United States…two thirds of a million barrels a day.

So when you fill up, some of that oil you’re “Putin” in your tank is from Vladimir…to replace the oil Joe won’t let America produce.

Oil has hit 100 dollars a barrel in Europe and experts forecast 1-25 .

Back during the Presidential campaign, two years ago, Biden promised to “get tough” on Putin.

Quote, “Putin knows if I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.”

Putin started putting troops on the border of Ukraine in March of last year.

But Joe was too busy jacking up inflation, shutting down American oil and getting people killed in Afghanistan so he did essentially nothing till this week.

And you’re paying for it at the pump