The Timing Is Right For Oregon To Throw A Grand Old Party

Conditions seem perfect this year to bring a conservative back to the Governor’s office in Oregon.

Two days ago, longtime conservative tax activist Bill Sizemore announced on my show.  His long experience in running statewide ballot measures should acquit him well.

Bridget Barton and Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam have also fielded solid campaigns. 

Running up the middle, as an independent is State Senator Betsy Johnson…no longer a Democrat and the conservative business owner just got a quarter million in campaign cash from Nike’s Phil Knight.  She comes on my show to do her first interview on Monday, Oregon’s birthday. 

Now, just be fair…consider the left side of politics.

New York City Carpetbagging Democrat Nicholas Kristoff waits to see if the state Supreme Court lets him cheat his way past Oregon’s Constitutional residency requirement.  Cheaters never prosper Nicky.

Well, check the internet for news of Tina Kotek and Tobias Read and the latest stories are weeks old.  I think we should send out a search party…they’re missing in action.

Still, i get it, they have to run on the dismal record of Lockdown Kate Brown and try to answer questions about mask and vax mandates, riots and antifa, 

They have a tough haul…and I suggest we use that opportunity to bring Oregon back to some kind of sanity.