The Thin Blue Line In The Pacific NW Is Getting Thinner By The Day

Violent crime continues to rise.  Consider just this morning’s headlines.

Shooting in Happy Valley.  Shooting in Tukwila.  Deadly shooting at homeless camp finally pushes officials to act.  

Four people killed in a single home in SE Portland.

And our so called leaders…at the legislature they’re working up new ways to tie the hands of law enforcement

City hall refuses to admit that defunding the police comes at the cost of lives lost

The Governors of Oregon and Washington schedule yet another press conference to talk about the Covid limits they plan on the lives of the law abiding…but nothing to limit the lawless.

There’s a serious disconnect here.  

And there’s a simple solution.

Hire more cops.  Give them the tools.  Put them on the job.  And make sure those men and women in blue know…we’ve got your back.

Sadly, I see no evidence any of that is actually happening.

A recall effort against Mayor Ted Wheeler has begun in Portland along with recalls aimed at Seattle officials.

Unfortunately, if you remove Feckless Ted, you know what you get?

The even more radical cop hater Joann Hardesty takes charge.  

Short term advice?  Buy a gun and learn how to use it, if you can actually find any bullets.