The FTX Collapse Sends Shockwaves Throughout The Entire Crypto Industry

FTX’s collapse has prompted comparisons to some of the most notorious financial scandals in recent decades, yet the magnitude of customers impacted is much larger.More than one million creditors may be affected by the fallout from FTX Trading’s bankruptcy, the revelation came in a court document which shows just how massive the job will be of untangling a bankruptcy that includes more than 130 affiliates. Was the leader of crypto company FTX running a Madoff style Ponzi scheme? For more information, Lars speaks with John Berlau, who is a Senior Fellow and Director of Finance Policy at Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Cryptocurrency has been kind of a mystery to a lot of folks, and when people don’t understand things, scammers are sure to follow, but is the shadiness of one cryptocurrency company spelling doom for the industry? For more information, Lars speaks with Pete Earl, who is an economist with the American Institute for Economic Research.