The Fibbing Bureau of Investigation Wants You To Buy Their Story

Details of the raid on Donald Trump’s home in Florida just get crazier every day that goes by.

First, some of the most experienced agents at the FBI figure that, if they do the raid when Trump is out of town, it can be done low key…you know, on the down low.

Riiiight: The first time in American history that government agents have ever send 30 armed agents to serve a warrant at the home of a former president.  Yeah, that won’t draw much attention.

Then the Fibbies…who’ve shown their open corruption big time the last couple of years…ask a Judge to seal the warrant so no one can tell WHY they felt the need to ransack Trump’s home.

Then after the raid brings massive public backlash…no comment from the White House, FBI director Chris Wray, or the Attorney General.

Finally, yesterday, Merrick Garland…giving us another reminder why we dodged a bullet when he didn’t get on the Supreme Court…comes out with a less than fulsome explanation of why.

Finally, last night, someone leaks to the very liberal Washington Post…”we were looking for nuclear secrets”.  

Again, Riiight. It’s not like the F uh BI would lie…like they did to get wiretap warrants on Carter Page to sabotage Trump’s campaign…or lie to a federal FISA Judge…or lie about the Steele Dossier…or lie about Russian collusion.

Why you can ALWAYS trust the FBI…right?