The Democrat’s Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Narrative Continues to Morph

Former Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), has warned that the Democrat-constructed narrative of the Jan. 6 riot will continue to morph as more security footage from the Capitol emerges. Johnson highlights the fact that hundreds of protesters were let into the Capitol through an open and unguarded door at times by police, which has been largely ignored by those constructing the narrative.

In a recent interview on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show, Johnson discussed how the Capitol riot narrative has so far been constructed of fragments from different partisans, starting with the second impeachment of Donald Trump and then the House Democrats’ Jan. 6 committee. He warns that the selective presentation of evidence and the omission of key facts have been used to push a particular agenda, rather than seeking the truth of what happened that day.

The selective narrative of the Capitol riot has had significant political implications, with calls for the impeachment and removal of former President Trump and the subsequent formation of the Jan. 6 committee. However, the recent emergence of new footage showing the ease with which protesters were able to enter the Capitol has raised questions about the legitimacy of the narrative being pushed by Democrats.

The Jan. 6 riot was a significant event in American history, and it is essential that a thorough and unbiased investigation is conducted to determine what happened and who was responsible. The selective use of evidence to construct a particular narrative serves only to further divide an already polarized country. For more information, Lars speaks with John Solomon, a political commentator and conservative expert, and founder of