The Demands From Politicians Like Kate Brown And Jay Inslee Could Cost Your Kid Their Lives

Everyone is tired of “the mask”…except liberal, elected leaders.

The mask can actually put them in mortal danger.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered an end to masks and a rebirth of an open society two months ago.

Since then, hospitalizations for the ‘Rona have dropped to an 11 month low.  Deaths are down, illness down, vaccinations way up.

Here in the Northwest not so much.  Kate Brown and Jay Inslee never get tired of dictating our daily lives.

Savannah Lay in Crook County is a high school girl, multi-sport athlete, in top physical shape: the kind of healthy teenager least likely to get the virus.

But playing basketball hard with a mask? Her mother, Jessica, told me yesterday it almost killed Savannah.

And she’s not the first teen athlete taken down, not by a disease, but by politicians demands.

When she didn’t feel well during a game, the coach sent her to the locker room where she collapsed.  Stopped breathing.  Coach couldn’t find a pulse.

CPR saved her life.

Now her mom vows to demand the schools drop the mask mandate for athletes before it DOES kill someone.

I want to know how many other parents will join her…and how many highly paid school bureaucrats will blindly follow the mask mandates of Brown and Inslee.

Listen to Lars interview with Jessica Below: