The Biden Administration Has Gone Off The Rails

Is anyone really surprised America has major problems when Joe Biden’s affirmative action cabinet is mostly AWOL and clueless?

Ten days ago, a train derailment in Ohio and the resulting fire and toxic fumes forced evacuation of thousands of people from one town and left lingering questions about contamination of air, water and land.

Yesterday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spoke at the national association of counties.

Buttigieg didn’t even bother to MENTION the train wreck. 

But Buttigieg did spend time complaining that too many white people work in construction jobs, I kid you not.    

He calls it an “exciting time”. 

Buttigieg left his job as a small town Mayor from Indiana to take on one of the biggest federal agencies in DC, and so far, forgive the pun, its been a train wreck. 

It’s certainly been exciting for the rest of us but not quite the same way Pete means.

Supply chain crises.  Jammed up ports and rail lines.  Airline near misses, computer meltdowns and flight delays.

But don’t worry about Pete.  He has private government jets at his beck and call…and he’s used them 18 times in the last two years…so you won’t find him cooling his heels at the airport like you and me.