Texas Synagogue Standoff Highlights Failures Everywhere

This past weekend’s terrorist hostage taking in Texas ended the right way: All four hostages alive and free and the terrorist dead.

Everything else about it shouts that the Biden administration isn’t doing its job to protect Americans.

Malik Faisal Akram, the terrorist who took over that synagogue in Colleyville Texas was foreign national who had been investigated by MI5…Great Britain’s security service. 

Akram had a criminal record for attacking a family member with a baseball bat.

Yet, somehow, the Joe Biden State Department gave this guy a tourist visa to travel to the United States.

He lied to immigration authorities saying he would be staying in New York City…but almost immediately he hopped another flight to Texas and bought a gun.

How exactly does a foreign national criminal buy a gun in the United States?  

And why wasn’t a guy investigated by British intelligence not on a U.S. “no fly” list?

His ten hour hostage taking standoff with police ended when a courageous Rabbi threw a chair at him and managed to escape with three others.

When he refused to follow orders from police, they shot and killed him.

The FBI can tell you chapter and verse on the capital rioters…but they miss a terrorist who flies into our country.