Terror in Virginia

By Lars Larson

Political terrorism visited Virginia today.

The only man who died was the terrorist himself, identified as James Hodgkinson. Five people were shot and wounded, including the number three ranking Republican in the United States Congress, Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise. Two remain in critical condition at this hour with their wounds. Only because Scalise is in the House leadership was he entitled to armed security who shot Hodgkinson and stopped further bloodshed.

The dead man has been identified as a campaign volunteer of failed Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. In recent months, Hodgkinson sounded off on his social media accounts with comments like this: “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA” a reference to the religious group that once terrorized Afghan men and women. He’s also quoted as saying this “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

14 million Americans have chosen to get permits to carry guns for self defense. Incidents like the shooting today show why Americans can and should be prepared to defend themselves. One member of congress, Ron DeSantis from Florida says he was leaving the practice field just before the shooting and a man, who DeSantis believes was the terrorist walked up and asked him whether those on the field were republican or democrats. DeSantis answered “republicans”…and the congressman left. There’s been amazing anger directed at republicans and conservatives in this country over the last six months. Many of us have seen that anger in violent and destructive demonstrations outside our own windows. The anger is exclusively directed at Donald Trump and those of us who have supported him…even conservatives who have been silent on the issue.

A bad man with a gun is almost always stopped by good men with guns.

President Trump has promised from the start to get nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry…meaning only that your carry permit works across all 50 states just like your driver’s license…despite minor difference from state to state.
It’s time for the Congress to act on this pending legislation and let ALL Americans enjoy the same kind of protection that saved the life of Congressman Scalise and those with him this morning.

It’s worth pointing out that these congressmen and their staffers were practicing the all american sport of baseball, for a charity game tomorrow night…a bipartisan effort that has raised millions of dollars for charity.

Today I spoke with Congressman Garrett Graves from Louisiana who visited Scalise in the hospital and Rick Manning from American for Limited Government about what happened today. Listen to the interviews below.



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