Ted Wheeler Sets His Low Bar Even Lower

Could Mayor Ted Wheeler possibly set expectations any lower?

In Wheeler’s first year as Mayor the city saw 27 murders.

Last year, the number had tripled…an all-time record.

Based on killings so far, this year’s on track to break THAT record.

So what does Feckless Ted promise?

Does he plan more cops?  Nope!  His Police Bureau is shrinking, not growing.

More prosecutions? No Way!  Feckless won’t call out the DA.

More killers in custody?  Are you kidding?

His political ally, Governor Kate Brown, is busy letting killers OUT of prison.

Yesterday, Ted rolled out two-million bucks of feel-good, happy-face, sing Kumbaya community programs.

The Mayor’s own stats show most of the killing on the streets of the Rose City involves criminal gangs settling disputes over drugs.

Wheeler claims gang bangers making millions will be “offered positive options to step away from violence”. This is criminally and fatally stupid in my view. 

His official goal, announced yesterday:  Reduce murders 10% in two years.

So the 90 killings last year…and the likely 100 this year will go down by 9 or ten, two years from now.

I don’t know how anyone can take Feckless Ted seriously.