Ted Wheeler Congratulates Himself On His Failed Reforms

Portland Mayor and Police Commissioner “Feckless” Ted Wheeler literally declares “police reform is working”.

I’m pretty sure Ted didn’t seek the opinions of the families of the 90 people murdered last year.

“Police reform” is city hall lingo for “defund the police”, the demand of violent mobs who staged a hundred nights of arson, riots and even murder.  

The mob got what it wanted. Portland now has fewer cops than anytime in more than a quarter century.

Feckless Ted asked the city council for half a million dollars to try to talk retired cops into coming back.  They didn’t get a single taker, and when my colleague Rosemary Reynolds asked the hapless Mayor about that, he looked gob-smacked. 

Meanwhile, Ted’s “yes man” Police Chief Chuck Lovell had to admit the Rose City now averages 29 shootings a week…which means 1500 by year’s end…unless it gets even worse with warmer weather this summer.  That’s a 266 percent increase from 2 years ago.

The Police bureau expects to lose 80 more cops to retirements in June as officers flee the chaos Ted and Chuck’s wild ride has produced.

Same problem down the street at the DA’s office where Mike Schmidt-show is losing staff fast…because deputy DA’s like to work for an office that actually prosecutes criminals instead of looking for excuses not to.

But Clueless Ted still insists police reform is working.