Taxpayers Are The Geese That Lay The Golden Eggs For Democrats And Their Friends

Oregon’s legislature once made its citizens proud.

People would run for a spot in Salem, serve the needs of citizens and then shortly return to the real world and their real jobs.

Now, it’s become the very definition of a sinecure: “a position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefit”.

Consider State Senator Ginny Burdick.

7 terms…more than a quarter of a century in the legislature.

28 years of hearing her gun grabbing rants.

State senators only make 21-thousand a year.

But democrats know how to work the system for loyal party members.

If Burdick had simply retired from the Senate, she would get a PERS pension based on her Senate Salary.

Instead, Governor Kate Brown gave Burdick a spot on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council at a salary over 142-thousand bucks a year.

I might add, that’s the same body whose decisions have the region headed for a 30% likelihood of brownouts and blackouts by the end of the decade.

Three years in that spot gives Burdick a pension, FOR LIFE, based on the six figure salary she earned for less than ten percent of her so-called “public service”.

It’s a scam the Democrats have pulled many times over the years

Guess who pays the bill?  That’s right taxpayers like you and me, since the sinking ship of PERS now floats on a 50 billion dollar ocean of red ink.