Some Power Is Never Enough For Those In Government, They Want MORE

Governments control too many things in our lives, already.  But it seems some elected officials demand more control.

President Joe Biden announced last week he would extend an eviction moratorium to benefit the small percentage of renters who won’t pay…and won’t get jobs.

Biden admits his move is unconstitutional and illegal…heck, the Supreme Court told him that earlier this year.

He’s doing it anyway, taking property rights away from Americans without due process or just compensation.  I seem to remember something in the Constitution about those requirements.

Governor Kate Brown has imposed a state mask mandate.  She claims the authority even though state law doesn’t give her that.  She gets it from the Courts.  Speaking of the Courts, citizens are supposed to choose Judges, but a scam run by democrats for the past forty years means they’re actually appointed by Governors instead.

Nurses have called and emailed me all this week from both Oregon and Washington where they’ve been told “take the jab or lose your jobs.”  Government controls most of the funding for hospitals and the government says it wants citizens vaccinated, tout suite. So Hospitals take their orders…from the folks who sign the checks.

All these individual choices citizens used to make themselves have been taken over by the Government and its toadies in the private sector.

“Land of the free, home of the brave”…not so much anymore.  It was good while it lasted.