Smart Words About Tough Times From An Even Smarter Man, My Friend Gerry Frank

My great friend Gerry Frank was a kid during the Great Depression. Today, he’s coming up on ’97 during the coronavirus epidemic. But he remembers the lessons he learned back then from his family business, Meier & Frank.

The text of the article reads:

“At the height of the Great Depression in the 1930’s, the family department sotre, Meier & Frank, ran a full-page ad on the back of the Sunday Oregonian. It had one word – confidence. The following morning, hundreds of Oregonians took their savings out of local banks and brought it to Meier & Frank for safe keeping. They did this because of the trust and confidence they had in the institution since 1857. In turn, the store showed their confidence by cancelling the interest on all credit accounts, and keeping the customers funds in savings as long as they needed. couldn’t help but think about that these days, with the serious troubles facing our community, state and nation. We must remain confident, innovative and take the time to look out for those who need special care and attention.

We’ve been through serious problems before, and because of the resilience of the American people, we have overcome the difficulties and come out a stronger nation. We will do it again. It’s up to us to keep our chins up, spirits strong, and continue to support each other through this challenging time.

Stay Healthy ans safe. Together, we will overcome this.
-Gerry Frank”

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