The Slow Rollout Of Democrats Against Harvey Weinstein

You wouldn’t think it would take so long for Democrats and lefties to come out against Harvey Weinstein.

They’ve got the audio, reports, and apparently silenced reporters. But instead they took their sweet time, worried they would disparage the director, and so called “Hollywood Mogul.” SNL didn’t mock him because it’s a “New York thing” but shouldn’t that mean that they stand up for President Trump, or ignore stories about him altogether?

We don’t know the full extent of Weinstein’s crimes or what he has done throughout his lengthy career, but as the days go on more and more disturbing reports come out. For all the barking the left does on equality and women’s rights, they seem awful slow to put anything together about Weinstein.

I even heard someone today comparing him to President Trump and saying that President Trump was actually worse! They’re referring of course to his Access Hollywood tape with Billy Bush. But I’d argue there is a big difference between doing something, and saying you might do something. One of those two is ILLEGAL.

I’d like to think there is an occasional item that the left and right could agree on, that maybe we could all come together. Apparently Harvey Weinstein and his disgusting acts aren’t one of them. How sad.



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