You would think twice before you let someone homeless stay for a couple of weeks at your house, and rightfully so, but should we treat people coming to the US on a work Visa whose home countries likely won’t take them back any differently?

Maintaining our nation’s borders, and ensuring that foreign nations comply with their international obligations, is one of the federal government’s most important responsibilities. The Alien Criminal Expulsion Act (ACE Act) is a bill introduced by Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-Wisc.) to mandate and strengthen the sanctions used by the United States to encourage foreign governments to comply with their international obligation to accept the return of their citizens. In some cases, these recalcitrant countries refuse to issue travel documents and accept a deportable citizen’s return which results in detention costs and most importantly, reduced public safety – a 2001 Supreme Court decision prohibits the government from detaining a deportable foreigner for more than six months in most cases. For more information, Lars speaks with Jon Feere, who is the Director of Investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies, and a former ICE Chief of Staff.