Seattle’s Brave New World of Heroin Shooting Sites

Seattle wants to open safe shooting spaces for heroin users

By Lars Larson

The very first anti drug law in America, passed in 1875, was a ban on opium dens in San Francisco…places where the addicts used the “milk of the poppy”.

Now, Seattle has a group that wants to open up safe shooting sites for heroin…the modern equivalent of opium dens, with the approval of King county authorities.

It’s stupid on steroids. We already have government endorsed “safe needle” exchanges to facilitate use of the most deadly addictive drug in America. Thousands of people overdose on heroin every year, and we have an open borders and sanctuary city society, where Mexican tar heroin can easily be brought north by illegal aliens.

That makes death easily available to the children of both poverty-stricken AND affluent families.

It’s almost as though someone read Aldous Huxley’s book “Brave New World” and decided that “a gram (really) is better than a damn”.

A King County task force has now endorsed the idea of so-called “safe shooting sites”…the next move will be to have “certified safe heroin” produced by government labs.

“Brave New World” indeed!



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