SCOTUS Has Confirmed Your RIGHT To Bear Arms

We keep explaining to the confused what the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution actually means.

Our God given rights include the right to own guns.

Then the anti gunners try to say that only includes a militia, or only the guns in use when the Constitution was written, or only the guns our government masters deign to allow.

Over the last 20 years, the Supreme Court has provided clarification of the limits the 2nd Amendment puts on GOVERNMENT…and not on citizens.

Just a few minutes ago, the Court issued its latest missive to America’s rabid anti gun activists.

New York city tried to tell citizens they could only own guns inside their homes.

That’s wrong and the Court now says so.

You see, in the Big Apple if you’re not very rich or very politically connected, you can’t get a gun carry permit.

Which means poor people including a lot of people of color…those most likely to fall victim to criminals, couldn’t protect themselves.

Today’s decision ends that.

The Supreme Court says you have a right to carry a gun outside your home…to “keep and bear arms”.