School’s In Session But Many Educators Are Failing The Grade

Today’s a huge day for me.

Granddaughter Paisyn heads off to her very first day of school.  She’s a bright student and she’ll do well.

Second, some brave patriots stand up today to keep politics out of classrooms.

A month ago, the Newberg School board voted on this:  Should classrooms display flags with political messages like “Black Lives Matter” and “Gay Pride”.  The board voted to ban ALL political messages.

I applaud that…and so should teachers, parents, taxpayers and students.

Whether we agree or disagree on the messages…do you want citizen funded schools to act as political indoctrination centers on children too young to decide for themselves?

I don’t.  This week, we saw one teacher in California brag on social media how she removed the American flag and hid it from students because, quote, “(the flag) makes me feel uncomfortable”.

A teacher who doesn’t understand the exceptional nature of America and the freedoms it uniquely represents on this planet, shouldn’t even be in a classroom.  She bragged that she offered to let her students pledge allegiance to gay pride .

I certainly hope when the Newberg School board meets today to talk about its controversial but courageous vote…for politics free classrooms…that stands its ground…and doesn’t cave in to politically correct wokieness.