School Board Election Let You Decide If Your Kids Are Told Their Racist

Something amazing happens tomorrow and I can’t wait for it.

A number of special elections decide who runs the government schools.

For 25 years I’ve suggested that someone who wants to make meaningful public decisions shouldn’t run for congress or the legislature…but for the local school board.

Now we have a number of “slates” of candidates seeking positions to take back control.

They’re motivated by issues like a firm commitment to re-open classrooms this fall, critical race theory and insane sexual education.  I’ve talked to a lot of them on my show.

Now it’s decision time so make sure your ballot gets counted.

Do you want your kids taught to judge themselves and everyone around them on skin color?

Do you want your kids taught as young as first grade that they can simply change their biological gender by declaring a new one?

And as a taxpayer who paid the price to fully fund schools over the last year…and extra billions from the federal government…and yet your kids didn’t get the full measure of education last year.

Do you want a commitment by the public schools they WILL reopen this fall.

Then make sure your ballot makes it in by tomorrow…or the teachers unions and feckless politicians will make those decisions for you.