February is Black History month, so of course companies like Hulu are doing their best to cash in by pushing things like the 1619 project, but where should America’s focus really be when it comes to black history? The Hulu docuseries, “The 1619 Project,” claims to explore the influence of slavery on contemporary American life, but it fails to present the whole story. The show neglects to acknowledge the resilience and triumph of black Americans against slavery, leading to thriving communities and remarkable achievements. Without this context, the genuine black American narrative cannot be fully comprehended. Black History Month would have been a perfect opportunity to showcase the complex and triumphant story of black Americans, including their courageous leaders, heroes, and successful racial and political coalitions that have contributed to making the US a prosperous multiethnic society.

For more information on where America’s focus should really be during “Black History Month,” Lars speaks with Bob Woodson, a civil rights veteran, urban community development leader, author, and founder of the Woodson Center, and the author, along with the 1776 Unites project of the new book “Red, White, and Black: Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers.”