Red Tape and Contradictions in the PNW

Yes No Wood Sign

By Lars Larson

I love the Pacific Northwest and I’ve lived here nearly my whole life, but boy does this place throw you some curves at times.

We’re critically short of housing in the region and begging builders to put up more, but politicians propose new taxes and limitations on builders.

We beg our children to get higher education, and then give away more and more funding and seats in college to illegal aliens.

We say we want more jobs but in the last year I’ve seen Oregon and Washington say no to literally billions of dollars worth of private new development like a Methanol plant, an oil refinery, a natural gas export facility, a coal terminal and an oil terminal.

We get more rain than most places, but the government has literally thrown a man in jail for capturing that rain.

We’re famous for bottling stuff like beer and wine, but give a cold shoulder to a company that wants to spend tens of millions to bottle water and create jobs.

We have an unelected Governor who loves the millions she gets from state gambling but says no to Tribal gambling.

We happily fund welfare and food stamps while more than a hundred thousand jobs go begging in Oregon and Washington.

Like I said, throwing some curves. 



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