Punishing the Poor, One Pop at a Time

By Lars Larson

Why do liberal northwest politicians want to punish the poor?

The latest evidence is a vote by the Seattle City Council to put a punishing tax on soda pop.

If you’re buying the thrifty two liter, these Democrats and one full blown socialist want to peel a buck 18 from your pocket.

The Marketing types tell us that it’s the poor who buy most of the sugared stuff that gets taxed…while the democrats denied a move to tax diet drinks that mostly fill the fridges of the rich.

How’s that for progressive politics?

The tax is eight times as high as the tax on beer, and more than twice the tax on pot…and since the politicians claim the tax is aimed at the health and safety of citizens, that must mean they’d rather you fire up a blunt or take a pull from a pilsner…than suck down a soda.

Seattle’s soda-tax plan sets up this scenario:
-2 liter soda: $1.50 + $1.18 soda tax. 78% tax
-Gram of weed: $10 + $3.70 pot tax. 37% tax

Not yet determined is whether the tax will apply to the sugary syrup that sweetens that Starbucks you start your day with…cause Seattle socialists may want to punish the poor, but they’re too smart to mess with Howard Schultz.



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