Protect Civil Liberties by Smashing Terrorism Safe Havens and Restricting Immigration

David French of the National Review wrote today, “It’s a cliché, but it’s still true — a nation that sacrifices liberty for security has failed in one of its chief functions. But a nation doesn’t have to make that sacrifice. It can have liberty and security. How? By smashing terrorist safe havens and restricting immigration. As I’ve noted time and again, terrorists grow far more deadly when they possess the safe havens that allow them to recruit, train, or inspire jihadists. They compound their effectiveness when they’re able to recruit from a critical mass of potential jihadists already located within a target country. America does not violate anyone’s free speech rights if it chooses to take Raqqa and complete the reconquest of Mosul. It doesn’t violate anyone’s due process rights when it dramatically limits immigration from jihadist conflict zones to only those individuals who’ve demonstrated their commitment and loyalty to the American cause. We can’t safeguard civil liberties at home, refuse to fight wars abroad, extend our arms to immigrant populations from much of the Middle East, and minimize the terrorist threat. We have to live in the real world, and in the real world if you let terrorists have safe havens, and you admit immigrants in any substantial numbers from jihadist regions, you will get hit. It’s that simple.”

Lars spoke to David today about this topic. Listen below.



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