President Donald Trump

Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States

By Lars Larson

Somewhere, tonight, Hillary Clinton has stepped aside to fire up one of her remaining burner blackberries to call Barry Obama, looking for a pardon.

I wonder if he’ll take her call.

Turns out that he had non existent coat tails.

Hillary was forced to turn to cheap tricks like rolling in the rock stars to generate the crowds the candidate seemed to repel.
Nate Silver and the rest of the polling class are keeping their heads down as nearly all of their predictions about Donald Trump turned out to be dead wrong.

I kept asking, why is the “losing” candidate drawing rock star crowds while the “apparent winner” can’t.

Maybe they can book some cheap tickets on the National Review cruise, although I’d guess the mood is going to be very somber.

Wall Street should be on suicide watch tomorrow as all those money types who thought they had a bought-and-paid-for President in the Crook from Chappaqua.

They bet wrong.

And tonight, Mexico’s Peso is crashing. That should make the border wall a whole lot more expensive for our friends to the South to pay for.

Wednesday we wake up to President elect Donald Trump and I hope it brings a few institutions to a new reality. The mainstream media need to realize their low opinion of what they consider “uneducated” Americans is wrong.

The Republican Party needs to start listening to voters and acting on their directions.

The Democrat Party needs to clean out the trash; corrupt figures like Bill and Hill and Chelsea (whose lifestyle and wedding were apparently paid for by a “charity”).

Our Congress needs to get right. Treat the deal with Iran as the treaty it is and then U ratify it.

Kill the climate deals that are killing our energy goldmine.

Rein in the runaway regulatory agencies that have exterminated jobs.

Take the trade deals apart like a machine, tear out the parts that hurt America and then put them back together…but only if they serve the people of this country.

And most importantly, kill Obamacare.

That last item should be the first order of business on January 2, 2017.

People are asking me what Trump will do to start putting this country back together.

That’s likely the easiest part because I think my country is ready for that.

Tonight, I figure Mr Trump will be magnanimous in victory on the Morrow.

And he has good reason not to be.

The Democrats savaged him (while ignoring the monster Clinton had become). The mainstream media vilified him (while providing cover for Clinton). His own party treated him like a red-headed stepchild and only grudgingly embraced him when his victories forced them too, and took every opportunity to jab him when circumstances allowed.

I imagine Trump as President will do what he has always done best…make deals.

I think DJT will deal with Congress in a way Obama never did.

But I think his deals will be backed by steel…

“This is what the American people want. If you won’t deliver I’ll go back to them and they’ll melt your phones”.

Remember that Hillary’s deals only ended w Russian “resets”, Iranian nukes, a “moderate” mass murdering Syria and a dead Ambassador, among other calamities.

Donald Trump’s deals have, for the most part, ended with amazing constructions, new jobs and generated wealth.
Americans have spoken tonight, they have rejected the establishment (D and R), and they have chosen a champion. He has our votes and our ears and our support. Many of the 535 who enjoy their fancy offices on Capitol have earned our skepticism.

Choose to ignore us and our champion at your peril.

America will be great again!



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