Prepare For Democrats To Work Hard To Stifle Your Rights

As much as I value the U.S. Constitution’s 2nd amendment the words of Oregon’s State Constitution say it better: “The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defense [sic] of themselves…”

Article 1, section 27 if you want to look it up.

Now, we get an acid test of whether the sleazy democrat politics in Salem override that promise.

Yesterday, a circuit Judge in Harney County decided that the voter approved ban on buying guns, Measure 114 violates the Oregon Constitution.

The Judge’s order goes into effect at one minute past midnight tonight…and blocks the law that would have halted all gun sales to all citizens…even off duty cops…for as long as the state chooses.

The Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order blocking the law and demanded that the Oregon Attorney General send someone to his Courtroom by next Tuesday to “show cause” why he should not extend his TRO indefinitely.

Ellen Rosenblum, Attorney General, gave a big legal middle finger to Judge Robert Raschio…announcing she will instead appeal the Judge’s order directly to the State Supreme Court…skipping the show case and all the appeals courts in between.

And we know that since the members of the supreme court owe their jobs to the Democrat Party Governors who appointed them…

Well, I expect they’ll just ignore the constitution…and let an unconstitutional measure become law…and ban gun sales for the foreseeable future

Welcome to one party rule.