Portland’s “Zero Emissions Zone” Makes Zero Common Sense

If the stench of the unwashed bodies of homeless drug addicts and human waste bothers you, Portland can’t help.

But if the exhaust of delivery trucks bringing things to buy or sell to the city’s core is your thing…Portland’s about to ban them.

A Joe Biden bribe of 2 million dollars persuaded city leadership to put 16 square blocks of downtown off limits to gasoline delivery trucks.

Zero emissions only and the city plans to install sensors to detect those evil fossil powered trucks.

Imagine you run a small business in Portland that still makes a bottom line.

And you gotta love federal bureaucrats like Gabe Klein from the U.S. Joint office of Energy and Transportation describes the new rules, quote “…you intermediate that freight and put it on a lighter vehicle”.

So every delivery to, say, your small coffee shop must be brought to the edge of the “zero emissions” zone and be unloaded from one truck and loaded up on another, battery powered rig, so it can arrive at your door.

If Antifa riots and BLM looting, homeless campers and rising violent crime hasn’t caused enough destruction of Portland’s central business district…this should do the trick.

And all of this to save planet earth…goods, mostly made in China with electricity from coal, carried by ships powered by oil, then trucks and trains to get it to Portland…but take heart, the last 2 thousand yards of that trip will be clean and green.