Portland’s TriMet Fuels New Equipment With Wasted Money

“I don’t want to cause no fuss (Too much, Magic Bus)
But can I buy your Magic Bus? (Too much, Magic Bus)
I don’t care how much I pay (Too much, Magic Bus)”
The Who, ’68

Last week, Portland transit agency Un-met send an invite to local media.
“…unveiling our newest electric bus. This bus is the first of five of its kind to be arriving this year. TriMet is committed to transitioning to a 100% non-diesel bus fleet by 2040…”
Trimet loves to tell you all the good stuff (saves the planet etcetera) so I asked for all the details.
Spokeswoman Tia York got me answers to every question. Unfortunately those numbers were porkier than Monica’s boyfriend.

Electric buses  $1,019,761.
New diesel $549,731

Electric $10,950/year Diesel.   $12,610/year
Save $1660
Electric 12 years
Diesel.   16 years
Lose 4 years
New every 6 years. Optional Warranty (no cost provided)
Electric 150 miles
Diesel (next fuel station)
Trimet brags on its shiny new electric bus, mostly paid for by FREE MONE…I mean, Federal taxpayer dollars.
Unmet uses your tax dollars to buy buses that:

Cost nearly twice as much

Save a pittance on fuel (payback time for the extra cost: 283 Years)

Has 75% of the lifespan

Since NW energy is 27% fossil fuel, it runs a quarter of the miles on COAL.