Portland’s RRT Takes Action In Response To ANTIFA’s DA Buddy

The shiny new DA for Multnomah County came into office with an agenda: forgive the crimes of those who riot and somehow indict a cop.

Mike Schmidt achieved his dream this week by charging a member of the police Rapid Response Team.

Corey Budworth faced a mob of angry, armed rioters last August 18th that used Molotov Cocktails to set the headquarters of the Sheriff’s office on fire.  During the scrum, a woman was accidentally hit in the head.

Members of the team met last night and sources tell me they voted unanimously to quit:  I’ve asked for comment from police chief Chuck Lovell, and Feckless Ted Wheeler and Social Justice Warrior Schmidt.  Crickets, so far.

Politics and wokeness drives the indictment of Corey Budworth.

His own training officer confirms he broke no law or training or department policy.

The mob in the streets demanded “defund the police.” Millions got cut.

They want the riot squad shut down.  They got that.

280 officers have fled the department and only about half that number have been replaced.

Policing is down and violent crime is skyrocketing: This year we may see 50% more homicides than the record year of 1987 when a gang war over drugs was going on.

Police officers volunteer for the tough work, extra training, extra hours and now the abuse of membership on the Rapid Response Team:

Where will we find men and women in blue willing to sign up for that now?