Portland’s Police Chief Is Following Feckless Ted Wheeler’s Do Nothing Plan

What does it say about any city when a hundred anarchists run wild smashing things and the police chief’s most substantial response is a TWEET?!

Half a million dollars in damage Tuesday night to private property and businesses and Police Chief Chuck Lovell says he’s “concerned”.

Problem is, when you hear about a rampage by a hundred rioters in a city with more than a year’s riot experience did the police arrest anyone?

Not one arrest.

They hit 35 different sites, including coffee shops, retail stores, and banks. That took time…but no response from police.

The mob left behind Graffiti: quote “Breakin windows is good”.  By the way, this week we learned that another bank has decided to abandon the boarded up warzone of downtown Portland for something safer

The police sent a press release giving the number of rioters, the locations of the attack…who, what, when and where.  What Chief Chuck didn’t even try to explain: Why no arrests.

I think we know.  Portland’s police commissioner, Feckless Ted Wheeler, has a hands off approach to the anarchist types he has aided and enabled and even tried cozying up to over the past 18 months…joining them for a tear gas party at one point.

The rioters know to a certainty they can do what they want…police won’t arrest, prosecutors won’t prosecute…City Hall has their backs…so expect it to get worse.

Read the story here: https://katu.com/news/local/anarchists-damage-dozens-of-buildings-overnight-in-downtown-portland-police-say?utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&sfmc_id=1107644&utm_guid=6fdc872c-0ef0-4eb1-a04c-6d79e97ea9d6&utm_campaign=