Portland’s Mayor Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler stands by his decision to defund police more than two years ago…even as he brags today about the city hiring new officers.

Wheeler admits that during his six years as Mayor ”conditions have deteriorated” and he says accepts responsibility for “all of that”.

Mayor Wheeler claims his city council is now making the right decisions for public safety.  He makes that claim in the face of a likely new record for murders in Portland this year that will top a historic record high for homicides last year.

Wheeler claims the new police “focused intervention team” is making good progress against violent crime but when pressed can’t give any numbers to back it up.

Just this week, we learned that while officers in Portland are arresting and charging far fewer felons and misdemeanants, the local DA is actually taking fewer than HALF of that number to court for prosecution.

Liberal Judges make sure those who DO get prosecuted face little punishment

Wheeler says “I don’t accept any part of the criminal justice system throwing up its hands” and claiming it can’t do the job.

Yet Wheeler refuses to call out the District Attorney for refusing to prosecute so many criminals.

Result…criminals go right back to your neighborhood to commit more crimes and they know there’s a snowball’s chance they’ll be caught, convicted and punished.

Happy thanksgiving folks…and be ready to provide your own personal security.