Portland’s Leadership Wants The Safety They Are Denying YOU!

Portland’s elected elites have decided to rub THEIR liberal privilege in YOUR face.

How else to understand defunded police, gang enforcement team disbanded, a local prosecutor who won’t prosecute and now, City Hall demands taxpayers fund special protection for THEM.

Regular citizens get record murder and violent crime.

Mayor Feckless Ted Wheeler and his cop-hating colleague JoAnn Hardesty encouraged riots and arson and looting by their inaction but now they want special protection for themselves?

They want YOU and me to pay for 8 special safe rooms…bullet proof doors, high security locks, lots of cameras and even bomb detectors.

Two million bucks for NEW security at a city hall that already enjoys special protection.

     When you and I call for help, we get put on hold and MAYBE 9-1-1 sends an officer, eventually.  When Commissioner Hardesty pushes one button on the special 800-box at her home…she immediately gets a code 3, lights and siren response and minimum of two patrol cars.

I know liberals like Ted and JoAnn need double standards or they’d have none at all,  but this is ridiculous.

I have a better idea.

Let the city hall elites live like the citizens they CLAIM to serve.

If they don’t feel safe…and they won’t…then let them improve security for all of us and not just for a privileged few.

Watch Lars as he breaks things down in the video below: