Portland’s Feckless Leadership Fails More Than Just The Homeless

I want to offer up three provable truths this morning.

Homeless camps threaten the lives of those in them and those around them.

Elected officials regularly claim they can’t do anything about that danger.

And third truth…the legal tools to make people safer sit right in the hands of people like Mayor “Feckless” Ted Wheeler.

Monday morning, a rather large recreational vehicle went up in flames…”fully involved” as my firefighter friends call it.

This time, the occupant got out and no one else got hurt…but give it time and someone will die.  Last week, it was a large homeless camp a few miles from my home that burned. One woman went to the hospital.

What can you do?  Let’s make a list.

State law lets cities and counties shut down or red tag any property that presents a life safety danger.  Almost every homeless camp fits that description

As for zombie RVs, tag and tow any and all of them that lack registration, license plates or insurance.  We’re always told the cost is too much.  Two replies to that:

How much does a single life lost cost?

And how better to spend the quarter of a billion dollars Portland and Multnomah county plan to blow just this year on the so-called homeless.

How about using it to save some lives?