Portland’s Commissioner Hardesty Claims She Deserves A Paycheck For Cops Following Evidence…

One radical member of the Portland city council hates the cops so much that she wants them to pay her millions.

For Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty, everything in life is about the color of her skin, including her 5 million dollar lawsuit against the Police officers union and two of its members.

She also wants a confession from Portland that it violated her RIGHTS TO BE FREE FROM  “race-based…discrimination.”

The commissioner is black and will never let you forget it.

Hardesty claims police leaked information that led to her being identified, for a few hours, as a suspect in a hit and run. 

The problem:  she WAS a suspect in the hit and run.

Because the victim identified Hardesty by name.

Commissioner Hardesty does have, to put it politely, a rather unique look.

The victim told 9-1-1 dispatch that, while she didn’t get the license plate “I know who hit me.” “It was a city commissioner”  “It was Jo Ann Hardesty. I know it was her.”

Turns out she was wrong and police quickly cleared Hardesty. 

But like so many race-baiters the commissioner is sure that everything bad that happens to her is about race.

In American, anyone can file a lawsuit if they claim they suffered damage.

I suppose Hardesty could claim it harmed her reputation or credibility…but how can you claim damage to something YOU don’t actually have?