Portland Releases New Report On Mayor Wheeler’s Colossal Failures

Portland has a new study on murders that have skyrocketed in the city during the last couple of years.

Its results will only surprise the clueless, like Portland Mayor and Police Commissioner “Feckless” Ted Wheeler.

Portland’s murder rate…when you take population into account, has gone from around 3 killings per 100,000 people when Feckless Ted took office to more than 13 per hundred thousand…a more than 400% increase.

Black citizens only make up 6 percent of the city’s population…but more than 40 percent of the murderers…and black citizens are the victims more than 47% of the time.

The study then goes all academic with this sentence “The risk of future gun shot victimization is highly influenced by the composition of an individuals’ social network”.

It’s tough for most academics 

Translation…about 70 percent of both the victims and their killers had been involved in crimes.

Most of them…58% had a prior felony conviction…that’s both murderers and the victims

The average killer had already been arrested for six different crimes

The average killer’s victim had been arrested 8 times 

Not a surprise if you’re paying attention.  Heck, the FBI has told me that more than 60% of homicides involve criminal gangs.

It tells me city hall knows what they HAVE to do to stop this problem…and it tells me that because of political correctness…i know to a fair certainty what they WON’T do.