Portland Public Schools Tells Asian Teach He’s Racist For Supporting Whites

You could see the train-wreck of public schools on full display last night:

Portland schools took two long years to finally fire a teacher named Bryan Chu who should have been shown the door long ago.

Chu’s been on paid leave for a year and a half…in effect, a vacation at taxpayer expense.

The kids loved Chu…because he gave all of them A’s whether they showed up or not, turned in assignments or not, did well on tests, or not.

Chu admits he let kids ditch other classes and just hang out in his classroom.

That’s a dirty trick on the kids…a reward whether you work hard or not.

When his students exit high school, I bet Chu’s victims get a rude awakening.

In Seattle, one board member says schools must reduce discipline because too many badly behaving kids who get kicked out are black or brown.

Another dirty trick…your skin color carries a privilege…break the rules without consequences.

Back in Portland, rising violence means schools will bring back security teams.

Willamette Week points out they don’t “carry firearms, stun guns or pepper spray”…instead the district security director says “they are armed with kindness”.

And remember folks, you pay for all of this nonsense with your taxes, at about 18-thousand dollars per student, per year.