Political prosecutions were once limited to third world dictatorships.

Now they’ve come to Portlandia

August 18th of last year, the Rose City was well into month three of riots launched by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists.

Both groups hate the cops with a passion. That night they planned an assault on the headquarters of the Sheriff’s office.

Police confronted a mob of 200 wearing helmets and armed.

The mob broke windows and set the building on fire.

Get the picture?

When police made arrests that night, the rioters fought back.

The rioters knew they had a friend in Antifa Ally and District Attorney Mike Schmidt who came into office two weeks earlier, announcing that he would not charge most rioters with crimes.

One officer, Corey Budworth, used pushes from his baton to move one of the rioters back.  Teri Jacobs kept coming back and at one point, the officer accidentally struck her in the head.

The Police bureau itself investigated and decided that Officer Budworth acted within his training and the rules and the law .

Now the pro antifa DA, Mike Schmidt has charged the police officer with a crime.

It’s a political prosecution and you can bet the anti-cop city council and mayor will stand by while they hang the officer out to dry.  And when violent crime keeps exploding, it’s our blood they plan to spill.