Portland City Hall Once Again Uses Empty Words To Make Themselves Feel Better

Portland City Hall never tires of making itself look silly.

Over Labor Day weekend, the whole country was talking about Portland’s proposed ban on any government business with the state of Texas.

What brought it about? Texas lawmakers, supported by a majority of citizens, banned aborting babies after a heartbeat can be heard.

The ban only affects CITY government business with Texas…and City Hall doesn’t seem to actually DO any business with Texas.

It would be like me declaring that I hate the Chinese Communist Government so much for the danger it poses to America that I’m not taking any vacations in Wuhan.


Second, Texas banned abortions past 6 weeks: I checked the stats and two-thirds of all abortions in America happen before 8 weeks.

Meanwhile, Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick has a few words: “Portland boycotting Texas is a complete joke. A city led by depraved officials allows lawlessness, putting citizens in grave danger. We value babies and the police, they don’t.”

How would you like to have a guy like that straighten out the problems of the “City of Riots”?