Oregon’s Secretary Of State Consulted With Pothead Tax Dodgers Kotek As Expected Does Nothing

Sleaze runs deep in Oregon politics.

John Kitzhaber resigned 8 years ago over his girlfriend’s influence peddling.

His replacement, Kate Brown filled her office with staffers who had connections to state suppliers.

Now, we learn Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan, who aspires to be Governor one day, has a side job.

In February, she became a consultant to one of America’s biggest  marijuana retailers.

La Mota owes literally millions to the IRS and Oregon Revenue.  

It also owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid pot fees for its retail licenses.

La Mota’s owners have put on fundraisers for democrats, so the state keeps giving the company more licenses.

Shemia Fagan’s biggest job as Secretary of State is auditing Oregon agencies like the OLCC. 

Did new Governor Tina Kotek condemn Fagan this weekend for taking cash from a troubled company that needs the state’s blessing? 

Of course not!  She says she’s “dismayed”

Kotek can’t afford to cross a fellow democrat…can’t afford to cross a private company that’s been a big donor.

After all, Kotek herself got elected, in part, based on half a million dollars donated by the FTX crypto currency scam.

Kotek embraces the sleaze and she expects YOU to do it too. 

Check out the story by Willamette Week, written by their great journalist Sophie Peel: