Oregon’s New Law Guns Down Your Rights

I see a train wreck coming in Oregon between citizen civil rights and a new voter- approved law no one seems ready for.

Voters narrowly approved Measure 114 after most of the media told them it only required a permit to buy a gun and it was all about safety.

That’s a lie.  Measure 114 bans the sale of all guns starting January 15th when the law goes into effect.

That’s because the Oregon State Police admit they have no permit system.  And the classes required to GET the permits…that doesn’t exist either.

And the 40 million to run the permit system for just the first year.

Also does not exist.

Sponsors of the measure claim the police will just put the law “on hold” until they’re ready.  Last time I read the Oregon Constitution, I didn’t find the part where it says police can just put a law on hold.

State Police already face a backlog of 12-thousand people waiting for background checks before the deadline slams down on law abiding buyers.

A few weeks ago, it was 3 thousand.

So, we have a U.S. Constitutional right to keep and bear arms…and we have a law  that forbids it…and a state and local government bureaucracy that admits it doesn’t have a clue how to stop the collision.

Just another day in a state run by democrats.